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SHRIMP Uranium-Lead Dating of Diagenetic Xenotime in Siliciclastic Sedimentary Rocks

Thus, SIMS method is well-suited for the analysis of complex minerals, as often found in metamorphic terrains, some igneous rocks , and for relatively rapid analysis of statistical valid sets of detrital minerals from sedimentary rocks. The most common application of the instrument is in uranium-thorium-lead geochronology , although the SHRIMP can be used to measure some other isotope ratio measurements e. Bill Compston , [2] trying to build an ion microprobe at the Research School of Earth Sciences of the Australian National University that exceeded the sensitivity and resolution of ion probes available at the time in order to analyse individual mineral grains.

The first successful geological applications occurred in Narryer in Western Australia [6] and then later at the nearby Jack Hills. Growing interest from commercial companies and other academic research groups, notably Prof.

Abstract We applied SHRIMP zircon U-Pb age dating to ultrahigh-temperature (​UHT) sapphirine-bearing orthopyroxene garnet (SOG) granulite and.

Jelinek I ; Artur C. Bastos-Neto I ; Jayme A. McNaughton III. These ages were obtained by U-Pb isotopic determinations with the sensitive high mass-resolution ion microprobe on igneous zircons from Pedras Grandes Suite in Santa Catarina State. Euhedral zircons remained unaltered close to a fluorite vein deposited at ? C or more. These ages suggest a northern limit for the Pedras Grandes Suite, explaining the spatial relationship between the fluorite veins and the source rock.

Its major significance for crustal building motivated this geochronological investigation. Granitic rocks are exposed in most of the southern part of the shield and their emplacement ages in the entire shield has been bracketed between and Ma by conventional U-Pb zircon dating Basei et al. The granitic rocks in the southernmost part of the batholith have been included either in the Pedras Grandes Suite or in the Tabuleiro Suite, an issue that requires clarification.

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Jonathan C. Mark Fanning, Berggren, Dennis V.

SHRIMP U-Pb dating of zircon inheritance in. Walash arc volcanic rocks (Paleogene age), Zagros suture zone, NE Iraq: new insights into crustal contributions.

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Sensitive high-resolution ion microprobe

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The Xilin Gol Complex, consisting of deformed and metamorphosed rocks, was exposed as a large geological unit within the Central Asian Orogenic Belt, but its forming and subsequent deformed and metamorphic time has been an issue of little consensus. Consequently, it is not the Precambrian terrane as previously considered by most geologists. More or less, the major rock — biotiteplagioclase gneiss within the Complex is more likely to be Paleozoic fore-arc turbidite formation before metamorphism and intensive deformation, in which the detrital zircons gave sporadic Precambrian ages as old as up to 3.

The source of the turbidite formation is multiple, which may be derived either from the North China Craton, or from the South-Mongolia Micro-continent, or probably came from a potential and undiscovered in situ terranes aged — Ma or even up to ca 3. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Google Scholar. Shao, J. Tang, K. Xiao, X. Xu, B. Hao, X.

Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences

The Cretaceous tectonomagmatism of the Korean Peninsula was examined based on geochemical and geochronological data of the Cretaceous plutonic rocks, along with distribution of volcano-sedimentary nonmarine N- to NE-trending fault bounded sedimentary basins. We conducted sensitive high-resolution ion microprobe SHRIMP zircon U—Pb ages and whole-rock geochemical compositions of 21 Cretaceous plutonic rocks, together with previously published data, from the central to southern Korean Peninsula.

Four age groups of plutonic rocks were identified: Group I ca. These results indicate a sporadic trenchward-younging trend of the Cretaceous magmatism in the Korean Peninsula.

U–Pb SHRIMP ages of detrital granulite-facies rutiles: further constraints on heavy mineral analysis, garnet geochemistry and detrital zircon age dating.

Recent micrographs of smooth, glacially abraded silicic bedrock reveal an amorphous coating layer adhering to the bedrock, with structures that tie its formation to glacial abrasion. What remains unclear is whether this coating is formed by the physical comminution of bedrock, resulting in amorphous material with a bedrock composition, or by chemical dissolution of sili- cate minerals followed by precipitation of an amorphous layer enriched in silica and depleted in cations relative to the bedrock.

These amorphous coatings are subglacial precipitates that record the chemical weathering of silicates beneath glaciers during the LGM. Collectively, these observations link silicate dissolution and amorphous silica produc- tion to physical processes at the glacier bed, a result that may have signi cant implications for the global Si and CO2 budgets on glacial-interglacial time scales. Skip to content Skip to navigation. Request instrument time.

In-situ dating the formation age of glacial polish. Project Leads:. Coble, Greg M.

In-situ dating the formation age of glacial polish

John N. Aleinikoff, a Karen Lund, a C. Mark Fanning b a U. The Belt—Purcell Supergroup, northern Idaho, western Montana, and southern British Columbia, is a thick succession of Mesoproterozoic sedimentary rocks with an age range of about — Ma. Stratigraphic layers within several sedimentary units were sampled to apply the new technique of U—Pb dating of xenotime that sometimes forms as rims on detrital zircon during burial diagenesis; xenotime also can form epitaxial overgrowths on zircon during hydrothermal and metamorphic events.

Additionally, all samples that yielded xenotime were also processed for detrital zircon to provide maximum age constraints for the time of deposition and information about provenances; the sample of Prichard Formation yielded monazite that was also analyzed.

No bias can be detected between the three dating methods, confirming that SHRIMP zircon Pb/U ages are accurate and comparable with other well-​.

Arafura Basin. Bremer Sub-basin study. Nitrogen in estuaries. Diatoms and water quality. Geochronology boost. Wind risk in Australia.

1) U-Pb SHRIMP Age Data

Department of Geology, National Science Museum. Zircons from the Nagasaki, Kurume and Konoha areas show bimodal age distribution with peaks at ca. It is suggested from this study that the older zircons were derived from Proterozoic landmass and the Korean Peninsula. Zircons from the Kiyama metamorphic rock show a different pattern with ages concentrated at Ma. Such zircons are rare in rock samples from the Nagasaki, Kurume and Konoha areas, indicating that Kiyama rocks had a different origin than those from the other three areas.

These data mark the upper age limit of their deposition.

The U–Pb SHRIMP dating of zircons revealed the ages of magmatic xenocrystic grains are all Neoproterozoic, but fall into three age ranges that correspond to.

Methods recently advanced for discrimination on the genesis of metamorphic zircon, such as analysis of mineral inclusions and trace elements, provide us powerful means to distinguish zircon overgrowth during high-pressure metamorphism. No inherited core was identified in the analyzed zircons by means of cathodoluminescence images.

The occurrence of high-pressure metamorphic mineral inclusions in zircon, such as garnet, omphacite, rutile, and the flat HREE pattern in zircon indicate that the zircon formed at high-pressure metamorphic conditions. Therefore, a weighted average U-Pb age of This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access.

Gebauer, D. Peucat, J. Earth Planet. Pidgeon, R. Lithos, , 5— Li, S. U-Pb isotopic system of zircons, Sci. China, Ser. D in Chinese , , 27 3 : —

Shrimp radiometric dating

Nicholas H. Oliver, Simon Bodorkos, Alexander A. Nemchin, Peter D. Kinny, Gordon R.

Abstract An unusual zircon SHRIMP dating result of a granitic gneiss ages of – Ma are commonly recorded, only metamorphic age of.

The East Antarctic shield represents one of Earth’s oldest and largest cratonic provinces, with a long-lived Archean to Proterozoic history. It is the central piece in the eastern Gondwanaland mosaic, and it likely played an important role in the Neoproterozoic amalgamation of the Rodinia supercontinent. Because much of the shield is covered by the polar ice cap, our knowledge of early Archean to Neoproterozoic geologic events comes mostly from coastal outcrops in areas such as Enderby Land and Queen Maud Land.

However, crustal thicknesses and geophysical patterns show that the Transantarctic Mountains orogenic belt forms the Pacific edge of the East Antarctic shield. Underlying the central Transantarctic Mountains are crystalline basement rocks of the shield itself Nimrod Group , juxtaposed against Neoproterozoic and lower Paleozoic marginal-basin sedimentary assemblages Beardmore and Byrd groups.

Together, these rock units record Archean crustal growth, Proterozoic crustal modifications, sediment deposition across a Neoproterozoic rift margin, and early Paleozoic plate-margin convergence.


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