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Every time I squeeze a frame of film off in my camera, I mentally take a dollar out of my checkbook. Here are my calculations:. Well, I round it up to a buck when I’m in the field thinking about it. Anyway, you can’t ignore the cost, in time, money and space, of archiving your pictures. In this section, I’ll discuss how to save your images not only in their native state, but digitally as well. Recording Data The first thing you should do when you get your slides or negatives back is record some basic information to associate with each of the images. First, sort the slides and discard any slides that are unusable. Next, record the data. At a minimum, you should record the date an place the picture was taken; on slides this can easily be done on the slide mount.

Question About 35mm Slides

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With red border slides it is difficult to give an exact date. Red Border Kodachromes in most cases were not date stamped. This slide table is an excellent guide.

Grades are not permanent and can be up or downgraded at any time Or tastes are refined with a more mature collection GOLD This represents perfection in stereo photography. Worthy of museum exhibition. Absolute faves of the collection. Extremely rare. We do like to keep the original mount if the stereo window is well placed and images are aligned.

Tips on Working with 35mm Slides

But that is not all that makes Kodachrome unique among 35mm color films, as many of you who have collections of Kodachrome slides know. Besides reproducing the color of reality with a unique color palette, Kodachrome has also proven to be much more enduring than other color films. Any collection of Kodachrome slides stored in reasonably good conditions will have its original color and density very much intact, like some of our slides that go back 60 years.

Kodachrome is the brand name for a color reversal film introduced by Eastman Kodak in Although McCurry retains ownership of the slides, prints of the 36 slides are permanently might cause deterioration of the dye image, then to dry, cut, and mount the film in slide frames. “Kodachrome Slide Dating Guide”.

Kodachrome is the brand name for a color reversal film introduced by Eastman Kodak in For many years Kodachrome was widely used for professional color photography, especially for images intended for publication in print media. Because of its complex processing requirements, the film was sold process-paid in the United States until , when a legal ruling prohibited that. However, the arrangement continued in other markets. Due to the growth and popularity of alternative photographic materials, its complex processing requirements, and the widespread transition to digital photography, Kodachrome lost market share.

Its manufacture was discontinued in , and processing ended in December In early , Kodak announced they were investigating the possibility of reintroducing Kodachrome, [3] but later conceded that this was unlikely to happen. Kodachrome was the first color film that used a subtractive color method to be successfully mass-marketed. Previous materials, such as Autochrome and Dufaycolor , had used the additive screenplate methods.

Until its discontinuation, Kodachrome was the oldest surviving brand of color film. Kodachrome is appreciated in the archival and professional market for its dark-storage longevity. Copies of the film for sale to the public were also produced using Kodachrome. Before Kodachrome film was marketed in , most color photography had been achieved using additive methods and materials such as Autochrome and Dufaycolor, [8] which were the first practical color processes.

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Color Photography Awards. Please see below for a complete list of consulted sources. This page was created on the occasion of the Awards.

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A Kodachrome Primer – How To Date Kodachromes

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Your Kodachrome Slide stock images are ready. Download all free or Old kodachrome card slide mount on white background stock image. Old Card Slide​.

That support may be either glass or plastic film. Glass slides are most often black-and-white, but they may be hand-tinted. While autochromes are a form of “full-color” glass slides, they are relatively rare. The opposite is true for film slides: color film slides are very common, while black-and-white are relatively infrequent. The fact that images on a slide or transparency are conventionally positive sets them apart from images on glass and film negatives.

Responsible display practices ensure the long-term preservation of collections. Light levels in the exhibition area should be kept low.

Drowning in a Sea of Slides

I have several hundred old Kodachrome slides I wish to convert to digital files for both current use and handing down memories to the next generation. After talking to many people and searching the net I am totally confused as to the best option. It appears the options are: Use a commercial slide service with a high cost per slide and a risk of them losing irreplaceable slides. Further confusing the picture, the slide are old Kodachrome and apparently the IL3 systems used on most new film scanners do not work well with Kodachrome slides, negating some of the film scanner advantages.

This appeals to me; however, many people say the quality is poor, even on the higher end scanners. But it is not clear to me how this quality would compare to the other options.

Without this mount, the transparent film material would not be able to “slide” from This term dates from the s when magnetic audio tapes in cassette format K is the process used for Kodachrome stock and E-6 is the process used for​.

Skip to main content 35mm Slide Storage Box. Only 4 left in stock – order soon. The metal is strong, the lids fit well, and the individual slots accommodate the slides in groups of twenty without the fit being too tight or constricting. However, the overall capacity of each chest is actually , NOT the as advertised. The only other potentially negative factor is that you should make sure that the latches are actually secure before lifting the chest, as improperly-seated latches will allow the chest to accidentally open when lifted by its handle, spilling your slides everywhere.

One reviewer states that the plastic dividers are like those of a box of candy–I disagree, at least for those I own perhaps those of more recent manufacture have changed : the plastic Add to cart. In Stock.

Making Slide Mounts

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